RubyConf is one of the most illustrious conferences for Rubyists in the world. Instead of a drunken after party with music too loud, come talk about your passion while sailing on 30 to 40 foot vessels with other Rubyists such as yourself.



Our charters will depart at 10 AM from the Coconut Grove harbor, eleven miles away from the conference hotel. We will sail on Biscayne Bay for a morning cruise and the afternoon will include a cookout that will last until sunset. Remember to bring your sunscreen.



We've reserved chartered sailboats from Miami Sailing in Miami Beach. They offer private sailing charters departing from Coconut Grove Miami, with soft drinks and bottled waters included. Find out more about their charters at

Ruby On Sails. November 7th, 2013.

Ruby On Sails is an event not worth missing. You and your friends can come join us the day before the RubyConf kickoff and spend a morning chartering a sailboat on Biscayne Bay. Our priority is to get individuals with technical passion for Ruby together for an experience you won’t soon forget. We have everything arranged, now we just need you. We’re taking multiple boats out for a day of non-stop awesome fun. We'll have the kickoff event to start your conference off right. Our sponsors below have covered most of the cost. We'll ask a modest $20 per person to cover the after cookout, so grab your sunscreen, your bathing suits, and your friends, and lets do this. Registration is open now. We can't wait to see you this November!

As this event is about fun and community, we'd like to add that this event's proceeds are about community as well. Any funds above cost of putting on the event will be donated to Rails Girls South Florida Please sign up with them to coach or sign up as a student for the Nov 6 workshop!

RubyConf is put on by the fine folks at Ruby Central and are not affilliated with us. We are entirely separate entities. They do a wonderful job of putting on Ruby Conferences all over, and we simply are having a kickoff event the day before RubyConf. See you all in November!